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Wolverine's Belt Buckle - KIT

WOLVERINE'S Leather Belt Buckle KIT from X-MEN Days of Future Past

 The kit contains:

? Natural veg leather front already tooled with the floral design, pre-cut slots for lace and formed into a dome

? Veg leather back with stainless steel buckle hardware

? Exact amount of leather cord needed to lace around the outside edge

? 1 Glass vial of Eco-flo leather dye (enough to cover both sides. A little goes a long way!)

? Artist's sponge to apply the leather dye

? 1 Glass vial of gold metallic paint for painting in the details

? Fine tip paint brush to apply the gold paint

? Full color photographic instructions showing how to lace the leather, dye application and paint techniques.

(to be emailed via pdf)

*SNIKT - sorry bub, claws not included 

  Kit price - $65 + shipping

Wolverine's Belt Buckle - Finished

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