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FULL SET of my NEW Version 4.0 raw jagged gemstones!  Now you can wield the Ultimate, Unlimited and Unstoppable Power of the Universe with all 6 Infinity Stones!  Each stone is cast in a translucent tinted resin. Then they are hand painted, weathered and finished with an extremely fine interference mica powder. The SMD/PCB unit is embedded into the stone with a small battery housing slightly exposed on the underside which can easily be opened with a twist action to change out the batteries as needed. (Comes with batteries) There are 2 modes: ON and OFF. Testing so far has shown that these will stay on solidly lit for at least 30hrs before needing a battery change! Turn clockwise to turn it on and counter-clockwise to turn it off. Continue turning counter-clockwise to unscrew the battery compartment completely. It uses TWO 30 mAh 3V lithium button cell batteries (CR 927) .  The stones measure approx. 1-1/4" - 1-1/2" long  You will receive the following 6 stones:  - Purple Power Gemstone- Red Reality Gemstone- Blue Space Gemstone- Green Time Gemstone- Yellow Mind Gemstone- Orange Soul Gemstone  Fast shipping from the U.S.A.!p.s. pendant versions also available at an additional cost. Email for inquiries:

s. Raw Infinity Stones FULL SET

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