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Jyn's Kyber Crystal Pendant Necklace - TRUST IN THE FORCE

After watching Rogue One, a scene that really stayed with me was when Lyra, Jyn's mother gave her a special kyber crystal pendant. This prop stuck out in my mind more than any other and I knew I just had to make one! So I pulled as much reference material as I could from screen caps and the visual guide book to make a sculpt as accurate as possible down to every last crack and chip. I started with a rough sculpt out of Monster clay and added details with sculpting tools. After a couple revisions with the help and encouragement of theRPF community I was ready to make my mold! I used Smooth-On Mold Star Platinum Silicon Rubber. Shortly after I poured my first cast which captured all the details, including the Aurebesh inscribed on the sides that reads "TRUST IN THE FORCE". I then added weathering using various mediums including inks, acrylics and liquid urethane. I'll be finishing each crystal with these same techniques. Even though the crystal doesn't appear to emit any light in the movie, I thought it would be fun to create a version with a small diode embedded into the crystal as an added feature, which can also be used in lightsaber builds! For the necklace itself I used real leather cord, waxed lace, antique bronze findings and a barrel clasp. As a final touch, I was inspired to make a captured crystal cargo container display case very similar to the ones the Empire was using to collect crystals from the Jedha mines for the Death Star. Each display case has a distinct hand painted battle damaged finish that lights up when opened and turns off as you collapse it back down. So it can work with both the lit and unlit versions of the crystals. I'm only doing a very limited number of these units since each one requires quite a bit of work. Great for display and as a gift for that special Star Wars fan in your life. Contact me to order Or visit my etsy/ebay shops!

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