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*UPDATE 03/02/23*

Due to my extremely busy work schedule with other film projects, all disc and disc kit orders are currently on hold.

 Aqua/Teal Completed Discs available upon special request.

Email: to order. 

All other color orders can be placed via the order form at the bottom of this page.

Upgrade your disc to V2.0 with the FULL SOULINERTIA RETROFIT DISC KIT!

See the time lapse build video at the link below:

kit includes:

1 outer blade ring replacement in translucent white thermoplastic

1 inner 'C' ring replacement in translucent white thermoplastic*

8 super strong neodymium magnets to mount the disc for cosplay purposes

4 metal LED bezel mounts for the front of the disc

Full illumination with over 80 high intensity wide beam LEDs on two separate strips

2 separate switches to independently light the 'C' ring, the outer blade ring or both!

Plastic SMD ring mount

2 Battery holders and 2 12V batteries are included! (additional batteries may be ordered)

Detailed printable full color photo instructions that explain how to modify your disc and install the kit

* Extra 'C' ring for the back is available at an additional cost of $10

**Estimated approximate install time depending on your skill level and options selected: 2-4hrs 

Tools You Will Need for Install:

Dremel tool or something similar with emery cutting wheels

Sand paper

Power drill w/multiple drill bit sizes

Phillips head screwdriver

Flat head screwdriver

needle-nose pliers

wire cutters

x-acto knife

Glue - E6000 or similar 


Not confident in your skill level to build this kit?

I also offer FULLY FINISHED COMPLETED DISCS for  $420 + Free domestic shipping

(international orders pay actual shipping)

Complete modification package includes the price of the disc itself and the kit with both c-rings lit, front and back. I can make discs with virtually any color combination of lights. Fabrication usually takes 2-3 weeks. Completed discs are shipped Priority within the USA and I only offer EXPRESS 5 day shipping for international orders to ensure the package arrives safe and secure. 

 Email me to place an order:

* Completed ALL White KFLYNN Discs are available upon special order request as well for $399 due to the rarity of these discs and the additional work required to block out the light.

Also, be sure to check out my youtube channel for the latest prototypes, upgrades and other

prop/costume products!

NEW KFLYNN White Disc Upgrade! 



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